Crazy Taxi Clone [Unreal Engine 4]

This is a crazy taxi clone game template made for the Unreal Engine 4, is a work in progress, hope it will be available on the UE4 marketplace soon.

Template features:

  • 2 Characters (woman/man).
  • Hud for remaining time.
  • Hud for travel cost.
  • Hud for player wallet.
  • Hud for player score.
  • Arrow to point the direction to the customer/drop area.
  • 5 difficulty modes.
  • 3 game modes, normal cab, uber mode and time trial.
  • More features to come...

    UE4 Crazy Taxi Clone Template

    A crazy taxi clone game template for the Unreal Engine 4

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    • Client: Own Project
    • Download: Not Available
    • Completed: WIP 2019